Nautilus Commercial Introduces GOLFfit Stimulus Package

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Med-Fit Systems, the manufacturer of the iconic Nautilus® commercial fitness equipment, has announced the introduction of GOLFfit. GOLFfit is a strength and flexibility program designed to help golfers lower their scores as well as reducing the risk of injury.

GOLFfit by Nautilus® protocol is based on the research by Dr. Wayne Westcott, which has proven to increase club head speed during the golf swing by as much as 5.2 mph adding yards to a golfers drive.

Furthermore, by increasing leg strength by 60%, hip and shoulder flexibility by 24%, Nautilus® GOLFfit has enhanced the efficiency of force transference throughout the entire movement of the golf swing. Top golfers can generate club head speed of up to 120 mph which involves powerful rotation and extension during the swing.

Med-Fit Systems CEO Dean Sbragia, stated, "Core strength and flexibility ensures injury free force transference from the center of the body to the limbs. Research into the ergonomics of the explosive action of the golf swing has enabled us to provide a program that will enhance the golfers' game as well as reduce the risk of injury particularly to vulnerable joints such as low back, shoulder and hips".

During the Nautilus® GOLFfit study, golfers were also able to reduce body fat by 4.1 lbs., increase lean healthy body mass by 3.9 lbs. and reduce resting blood pressure by 4.5m Hg.

Sbragia adds, "GOLFfit will be in demand in country clubs and golf clubs and as a sports specific conditioning program in gyms. The GOLFfit program appeals to all demographics - from the young golfer wanting to increase strength and improve distance, to the older linkster playing out his or her golden years competitively and with less pain."

About Med-Fit Systems, Inc.

Med-Fit Systems is a twenty five year old physical therapy and senior care products provider located in Southern California and built on education, exemplary customer service and an unwavering loyalty to its customers. In 2010, Med-Fit Systems acquired the commercial fitness equipment division from Nautilus®, Inc.   Med-Fit Systems implemented the same core values that have been the foundation of its success toresurrect the iconic American brand. Manufacturing of Nautilus® commercial cardio and freeweights was brought back from overseas to Virginia. Soon after the acquisition of Nautilus® commercial assets, Med-Fit Systems purchased the SportKAT company. All manufacturing for that company's Korebalance™ balance assessment and rehabilitation products was also moved to Virginia. All products manufactured by Med-Fit Systems are made in the USA, in their Independence, VA facility.

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