The University of Colorado-Boulder opened its new outdoor swimming pool earlier this month. The pool is in the shape of a charging buffalo, the university's mascot.

The pool is part of the university's $63.5 million student recreation center renovation project that students approved in April 2011 with a vote to increase student fees in support of the project. More than 70 percent of the student voters approved, Annie Mulvany, assistant director of marketing and external relations for Colorado's recreation services, told Club Industry.

The project included doubling the strength and conditioning space, doubling the amount of group exercise and fitness studio space, renovating existing gym spaces, building a new climbing gym and bouldering wall, and renovating locker rooms, lobbies and meeting spaces.

Colorado also replaced its ice rink and is expected to open its three new outdoor tennis courts at the end of July, Mulvany says. The tennis courts will be on top of the ice rink.

Mulvany did acknowledge to the Boulder Daily Camera that the rec center staff has received some criticism for the buffalo-shaped pool, which will be open through mid- or late September. The criticism has centered on the extravagance of a uniquely-shaped pool that will only be open a short time of the year. The rec center also has three indoor pools.

"We think [the buffalo-shaped pool] is a feature the students will really enjoy using," she told the newspaper.

In 2012, the university pulled a sauna, a simulated golfing area and exterior renovations from its remodel of the recreation center after the project's estimates came back 18 percent over budget.