Unique Healthy Weight Loss Franchise, Utopia Food & Fitness, Selects Nautilus as its Sole Equipment Provider

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Utopia Food & Fitness, a new healthy weight loss franchise, has selected Nautilus® Commercial as its sole fitness equipment provider. The first of several Utopia Food & Fitness branches has just been launched in Plano, Texas. Fresh, real food, prepared on-site by a chef, and twice-weekly customized workouts are key components of a new weight loss solution. The boutique concept includes a contemporary fitness environment, exclusively featuring top-of-the-line Nautilus® Commercial circuit equipment and an on-site café. The café features freshly prepared food for dine-in or "gourmet-to-go" for both members and non-members. For members, meals are customized by Utopia for each person, scientifically setting calorie intake levels that are unique to that person's body and weight-loss goals.

"I have been a fan of the Utopia business model from the moment I first heard about it" remarked Dean Sbragia, CEO of Med-Fit Systems.  "At the risk of hyperbole, the Utopia model could serve as a cornerstone in lowering healthcare costs and improving quality of life. There are many dietary guidelines and programs available, many pre-packaged food suppliers, and an alarming array of fitness facilities and protocols from which consumers can choose. However, at any one time only 15% of the US population belongs to a gym and a much smaller percentage receive professional dietary advice or optimum nutrition pre-packed meals. What has been sorely lacking is a comprehensive program that appeals to a larger segment of the population. Utopia offers a truly unique solution to the problem by combining the two most important variables for weight control: fitness and health in one convenient location."

Utopia founder, Kirk Wilder, explains, "Your instincts tell you that you need to eat better and exercise to have truly healthy and lasting weight loss. That's why we offer both, scientifically calibrated for optimal, lasting results." Wilder continues, "In six weeks, the average female can expect to lose two sizes, and the average male can expect to lose 3-5 inches off his waist."

Utopia Food and Fitness custom designs for its members caloric intake (incorporating their metabolism / food preferences / restrictions) and combines it with a calibrated Nautilus® exercise prescription with supervised training.

On this, Sbragia noted, "This combination virtually guarantees positive results. We are very pleased Utopia has chosen Nautilus® to be their sole fitness equipment provider. Our long history of providing safe, effective and bio-mechanically correct exercise are the ideal complement to the Utopia offerings."

About Utopia Food & Fitness

Utopia Food & Fitness' program helps its members lose weight with lasting results with a simple, complete food and fitness solution, targeted towards people  with a busy schedule. By providing a customized, complete food & fitness solution, Utopia takes all the guesswork out of getting results in a healthy, straight-forward way. Each member receives a tailored program for their body and weight-loss goals, and gets personalized support to help them along the way. Utopia's menu is created by a multi four-star award winning chef, and is prepared daily for our members with fresh, local and organic ingredients by our executive chef.

About Med-Fit Systems, Inc.

Med-Fit Systems is a twenty five year old physical therapy and senior care products provider located in Southern California and built on education, exemplary customer service and an unwavering loyalty to its customers. In 2010, Med-Fit Systems acquired the commercial fitness equipment division from Nautilus®, Inc.   Med-Fit Systems implemented the same core values that have been the foundation of its success toresurrect the iconic American brand. Manufacturing of Nautilus® commercial cardio and freeweights was brought back from overseas to Virginia. Soon after the acquisition of Nautilus® commercial assets, Med-Fit Systems purchased the SportKAT company. All manufacturing for that company's Korebalance™ balance assessment and rehabilitation products was also moved to Virginia. All products manufactured by Med-Fit Systems are made in the USA, in their Independence, VA facility.

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