TRX Offers First Ever Exclusive Program to Qualified Trainers

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TRX®, the industry leaders in functional training and creators of Suspension Training® and Rip® Training, today introduced the TRX CORE® program to TRX® Qualified Trainers. TRX CORE® will help trainers acquire and retain clients, all while running a better business. When trainers Join the CORE™, they immediately gain access to restricted content, business tools, ongoing advanced education opportunities, and an elite identity that sets them apart from the crowd.

TRX CORE®, developed from over five years of feedback from professional trainers, was created to answer the most common question from TRX® Education Graduates, “Now that I’ve taken a TRX® Education course, what’s next?” The comprehensive solution will meet the unique needs of all of those who make a living training others. “TRX CORE® is the next logical step for any trainer after taking our education courses.

Support like this is unprecedented and we are dedicated to providing TRX® Professionals with the tools and knowledge needed to impact lives, redefine the industry, build thriving businesses and inspire people to achieve their best,” said Randy Hetrick, TRX® founder and CEO.

When trainers Join the CORE™, they will not only be served first-rate fitness content regularly, but they will receive valuable assets including licensed logos, exclusive training apparel and accessories that align themselves with the best-in-class training company, TRX®. With the help of premium exposure in the TRX® Trainer Directory, marketing templates, best social media and online practices, branding tips, and rank classification to showcase their status, TRX CORE® members will attract clients and will learn to build a better and more successful business.

“In addition to providing exclusive marketing tools to TRX CORE® members, we’re going to push clients to their door,” said Kim Klinedinst, Director of Marketing and Products for Professionals at TRX®. Once a TRX® product is purchased online, customers will be provided with top ranked TRX CORE® trainers in their area via the TRX® Directory housed on the TRX® website. With the premium exposure TRX CORE® membership offers, trainers will be more visible to potential clients.

Discounts on gear, education, and events also help trainers keep their pocketbooks in shape and with additional perks like the Ambassador Program (exclusive to TRX CORE® TRX CORE® members), which gives trainers 10 percent commission on product sales, the program can simply pay for itself. By selling one Suspension Trainer™ or Rip® Trainer each month, the membership is essentially free, or by acquiring and retaining just one new client for a year, the average trainer would receive a 16x return on their investment.

“By joining TRX CORE®, you will quite simply become a better trainer. This product is designed to help you build a better and more profitable training business in your club or as an independent trainer or coach,” said Randy Hetrick, TRX® founder and CEO. “There are so many key components of a successful personal training business; I want trainers to know that through our exclusive program, they will have a dedicated partner that will not only help them with content, but help them better market themselves and their brand so they can run a prosperous and rewarding business.”

TRX CORE® is offered to TRX® Qualified Trainers at an introductory annual rate. Learn more or Join the CORE™ at

About TRX®

TRX® is the fitness world’s preeminent producer and seller of functional fitness training programs, education and equipment for professional trainers, health clubs, military, fitness-minded consumers and athletes of all levels. TRX® designs and sells original products of innovative design and premium quality construction, including Suspension Training® and Rip® Training functional fitness equipment. Through a commitment to ongoing research and product development, TRX® is changing the way consumers exercise, athletes train for sport, soldiers train for combat, physical therapists rehabilitate patients, and exercise instructors train clients. TRX’s unique corporate environment and culture has earned recognition from leading media organizations, consistently ranking amongst the nation’s top companies within annual “Best Places to Work” listings from

Inc. Magazine, Outside Magazine and San Francisco Business Times. TRX has also been a multi-time award winner on the Inc. 500 list of America’s Fastest Growing

Companies. The complete line of TRX® products, training programs, education and accessories can be purchased directly from TRX® online at For more information on TRX® products, education and programming, call (888) 878-5348 or email

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