Growing membership seems relatively simple: get more people to visit your facility more often. So why is it the largest challenge facing our industry? If your facility matches the industry average, for every 15 new members you enroll, you’ll have 12 members cancel.

Although some members cancel because of unavoidable reasons such as relocation, a huge number of member cancellations occur due to lack of usage. The average member visits 1.9 times per week and a staggering 43 percent visit less than once per week.

If you want people to come more often, you need to give them more of what they want – results and motivation.

Engaging people into assisted and social forms of exercise is one of the best ways to do this. In a 2013 Nielsen research study, Les Mills found that members who attend group exercise classes visit three times per week and are the biggest influence on determining how long people keep memberships.

The bottom line? Group fitness attracts more members, who attend more often, remain loyal and attract new members. Follow these eight keys to success to ensure you’re maximizing your group fitness success:

  1. Create a scorecard. You can’t manage what you don’t measure.
  2. Maximize your class schedule. Class type is the top driver of attendance.
  3. Recruit great instructors. Look for instructors who are a natural fit with the essence of each program, and packed rooms will follow.
  4. Organize a training plan. Include external and in-house trainings at both the team and individual levels.
  5. Develop the best studio. Research shows 80 percent of members say room ambience is extremely important.
  6. Create a marketing plan. Integrate group fitness into new member on-boarding and support with on-going events.
  7. Plan for success. Create a budget, identify top initiatives and manage to outcomes, just like any other part of the business.
  8. Have a great leader. Recruit a great coach to help you achieve your vision and goals.  

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