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When it comes to software tools that make your business more efficient, fitness facility operators have a plethora of choices, but your club management software, which handles everything from member check-in to your back office, remains your most valuable and indispensable tool.

Your club management software should be flexible, scalable and a solution that automates the process of operating your club by enabling you to manage everything from prospecting and contract management to membership management, front desk check-in and accounting to scheduling and locker assignments.

Are you getting the most out of your tools? Most club operators say that these five cost-saving elements topped their list of “must-haves” when choosing club management software and solutions:

  1. Getting paid immediately when your members pay with no need to pick specific payment dates. Choose a payment-processing vendor that will not hold your members’ back dues and eliminates your concerns about collecting membership dues in full on the due date. Ideally, by choosing a vendor that offers integrated software and payment processing, you will automatically collect membership dues in full on the due date for direct deposit into your account without any delay.
  2. Having completely upfront and transparent pricing. Make sure no hidden costs or fees are ever passed to your members without your knowledge. This could include late payment fees or unknown processing transaction fees. Keep in mind the costs or fees that are passed to your clients directly reflects on your business and ultimately determines member satisfaction.
  3. Owning member data. Never lose control of your client base and ensure your members always remain your members. Your software vendor should never “own” your member data or allow you to risk losing the special customer service and personal touch that you as a business owner provide. You should always feel comfortable and happy knowing that your software vendor is a large, well-known organization that will uphold your members’ data with integrity, privacy and security.
  4. Receiving professional billing services. Be sure you take advantage of the full suite of products offered by your software vendor. Your data should be input at the club level and submitted electronically, where a dedicated professional billing services team then takes over. This provides an additional way to grow your revenue stream and speed collections while retaining members. These services should include performing due diligence billing research to inform you of important data trends or issues they have uncovered, running your call center to take payments, handling billing questions and/or assisting with any other inquiries a member may have. This can be leveraged as an outsourced arm to your business, which saves you the costs associated with hiring additional in-house resources.
  5. Having confidence in billing accuracy. Your payment processing vendor should be equipped to support your club’s continuous growth and billing volume with proven payment and billing accuracy of at least 99.87 percent. This will provide your club with increased, predictable cash flow while significantly reducing your overhead.

Also, consider a vendor that can add extra value for your members by making automatic payment plans available and also offering bi-weekly billing options that give you more flexibility in how your members are billed.

As a business owner, are you getting all of these things from your current club management software and billing services company? If not, it might be time to reevaluate your current tools and determine what is most important for your greatest return on investment and overall business success.

Kristan Prokopec is the marketing manager for Jonas Fitness Inc., a division of Jonas Software, a provider of enterprise management software and billing solutions to a variety of industries, including golf and private clubs, fitness, sports and leisure, attractions, food service, construction and more. Jonas Software has more than 25,000 customers in more than 15 countries.