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  • Sep 17, 2013
    Club Industry

    Paul Byrne Explains How He Got His Start in the Fitness Industry  

    Paul Byrne retired as president of Precor after working for the Woodinville, WA-based company for 28 years and serving as president for the past 13 years. Byrne did not always envision working in the fitness industry, as he explains here....More
  • Sep 17, 2013
    Club Industry

    Paul Byrne Looks Back on His Career at Precor  

    Paul Byrne, former president of Precor, Woodinville, WA, discusses his most satisfying accomplishments, how he has seen the fitness industry change during his career and his decision to retire after 28 years with the company. (Video courtesy of Precor.)...More
Executive Insights Videos
Feb 13, 2014
Club Industry

Preview: 14 Observations about the Direction of the Fitness Industry in 2014

Bill McBride, CEO of Active Sports Clubs and BMC3, shares 14 observations about some of the fitness trends he is seeing and where the industry is headed....More
Master Class Videos
Mar 5, 2014
Club Industry

Preview: Overcome the Hurdles in the Life Cycle of Your Club

Karen Woodard-Chavez, president of Premium Performance Training, shares in which of the five stages of a fitness facility's life cycle most clubs get stuck....More

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