Star Trac Unveils Turbo Trainer Bike With Isokinetic Resistance Designed For Commercial Fitness Facilities

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Star Trac, a fitness industry leader focused on relationships, solutions and innovation, introduces the commercially designed, air driven Turbo Trainer™ bike that simultaneously delivers both an upper and lower body workout through a distinctive isokinetic resistance mechanism. As the RPMs increase, the flywheel disperses air at a rate that matches the user’s effort level, creating a uniquely challenging and motivating workout experience for exercisers of any fitness level.

“Air displacement technology has exploded in popularity in recent years for high, short burst anaerobic training that complements CrossFit and other high intensity programs,” describes Michael Bruno, Founder of Core Health and Fitness dba Star Trac. “The Turbo Trainer by Star Trac captures this excitement and offers exercisers a proven cardio modality for maximum results in a truly commercially-designed product that features the same great, user-focused elements of the rest of the cutting edge Star Trac cardio lineup.”

Based on a concept that has been a staple in rehabilitation facilities for years, the Turbo Trainer complements any fitness facility, workout program, and fitness level with a customizable exercise experience. Because the resistance matches the effort exerted by the rider, it provides a low-resistance option for the deconditioned or rehabbing user while also offering a high intensity, heart-pumping workout for the elite athlete. By placing feet on the spacious foot platforms, the bike can be used exclusively as an upper body workout, making it an ideal cardio option for exercisers with lower body injuries or those seeking an upper body challenge.

“The concept of an air bike is not new,” explains Jeff Dilts, VP of Global Marketing. “Historically, these bikes have been built for low-use fitness centers, rehab facilities, or short bursts of use on the sidelines of professional sporting events but did not provide a commercial use warranty. With the Turbo Trainer by Star Trac, we were able to take a proven workout modality and make it ideal for the commercial setting, designed to withstand the stresses placed on it by athletes and exercisers of any level.”

The compact, self-powered Turbo Trainer is built on the same design principles as the rest of the popular, user-focused Star Trac cardio equipment, providing a seamless option to add variety to an existing cardio deck or performance area. The console displays vital user statistics like time elapsed, distance, kilocalories, RPMs, and telemetric heart rate, when combined with a chest strap. Available now, the Turbo Trainer comes with a full commercial warranty for rehab, health and fitness and performance centers settings.

About Star Trac

Star Trac’s mission is to provide products, programs and solutions to mold lifelong habits for health and fitness. Its user-focused product innovations are reflected in the complete line of cardiovascular, strength and group exercise products.

The company offers a comprehensive product portfolio with varied feature options and multiple price points to meet the needs of any complete facility design. Star Trac is a total equipment solution provider but also prides itself on its “only at Star Trac” patented and unique offerings that are exclusive to the company and not offered by competitive companies.  From the revolutionary cardiovascular Star Trac Coach® featured on Treadmills to strength innovations like Lock N Load® a innovative weight selection system to the industry leading group exercise solutions like Spinning® and BoxMaster®,  Star Trac continues to be innovative and create products that differentiate.

Star Trac’s dedicated global team is committed to providing the highest level of service to their customers through committed long lasting relationships. The team is focused on consultative approach and finding solutions that will help customers grow their businesses, increase revenue and improve member retention. Star Trac will continue to innovate with products that are distinctive in their aesthetics, approachable and friendly in their design, intuitive in their navigation, motivational in their use and rewarding in their outcomes.

The vision of the company is to increase the number of people who adopt a healthy and active lifestyle by lowering the barriers and improving the experience and results.  Today more than four million people in over 75 countries use Star Trac exercise equipment daily, enjoying its unparalleled functionality and style. For more information about Star Trac contact 800.228.6635 or visit

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