pushXpro Announces Launch of Website and Kickstarter Campaign

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pushXpro announces the official launch of the pushXpro website and Kickstarter Campaign, devoted to the new and innovative fitness equipment “pushXpro”.

pushXpro’s patent-pending design enhances the push-up exercise. Its unique and versatile design features a sleek convex and concave shape with a gripped handle. Through instability and eccentric forces, the device is designed to increase core and upper extremity strength as well make you use a much broader range of muscles. 

Due to the convex outer surface of pushXpro, the user is required to stabilize their weight by using principle muscles as well as using stabilizing muscles (muscles that continuously support the principle muscles or joints during an exercise), providing the user with an enhanced, total body workout.  

The device allows for the active rotation of the upper extremities by allowing you to easily perform natural rotation of your forearms while performing a push-up, which lessens associated stresses and allows for more active dynamic movement of the muscles during the exercise.

pushXpro allows for a greater range of motion (ROM) than the traditional push-up exercise. The device allows more depth (i.e., vertical ROM) than the traditional push-up; on some surfaces, the device allows for sliding, forward and to the sides (i.e., horizontal or lateral ROM), to give even more variation of the workout.

For people with decreased ROM or tightness in the wrist joint, the device may alleviate pain associated with a traditional push-up, since the hands do not need to press flat against the contact surface, potentially causing wrist hyperextension.

About the Founder/Creator

Dan Delisle is experienced with a wide range of sports including motocross, soccer, baseball, rock climbing, and mountain biking. To pursue these sports at a high level, Dan is an avid fitness participant and attends climbing gyms often. Dan has many difficult rock climbs under his belt, including several high-profile rock climbs in Yosemite, CA. As such, Dan is always looking for ways to increase his level of fitness while keeping his workouts fun and creative - it was this drive that led him to inventing pushXpro!

Dan has several years of experience in the civil/construction industry, project management, and engineering design. He received his B.S. in Civil Engineering from California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, CA. He is a registered Professional Engineer and is a registered LEED AP BD+C with the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC).


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