Portuguese fitness concept Personal20, the Electro Fitness Studio, held a grand opening for its first-ever U.S. studio on Dec. 19 at Sport & Health Worldgate near Washington, DC.

Personal20 focuses on whole body electronic muscle stimulation using Hungary-designed E-Fit technology over a 20-minute workout period. Exercisers wear an electrode-lined wearable garment that creates micro-contractions within key muscle groups, said Constance Ruiz, USA Personal20 executive director. E-Fit’s electrodes can deliver more than 36,000 contractions per session, aimed at improving blood circulation, muscle relaxation, cellulite reduction and weight loss, among other variables.

Personal20 will operate as a standalone studio within Sport & Health’s Herndon, Virginia, facility, Ruiz said, with discount pricing offered to Sport & Health members. The new studio is specifically designed to test Personal20’s offerings in a U.S. market.

“The showcase intention is to demonstrate the opportunity for a traditional club to offer a separate service and a diversified income stream, with all the best principles of boutique studios such as pay as you go, special expertise and a personalized experience for one-on-one solutions,” Ruiz told Club Industry.

Moving forward, Personal20 licenses will be available to any U.S. club operator. Its whole body electronic muscle stimulation (EMS) equipment—the only of its kind approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Ruiz said—can be set up within a 50-square-foot space. Larger setups can extend to more than 300 square feet.

The required equipment to facilitate Personal20 services costs $17,500, Ruiz said. Additionally, training staff must pass an online EMS certification course. Proof of a primary qualification, such as a personal training certification or a sports science degree, is required before taking the course.

“The fitness industry and traditional health club operators have been witnessing the rapid growth of boutique studios with a niche value proposition,” Ruiz said. “Having a Personal20 Studio at the entrance of a Sport & Health club is a unique opportunity to offer something innovative that can reach the untapped market and serve as a great first step toward fitness.”