The recent death of CorePower Yoga founder Trevor Tice appears to have been the result of an accidental fall, according to a report by NBC 7 San Diego.

Police discovered the yoga mogul’s body Dec. 12 inside his Sunset Cliffs home in San Diego. Circumstances initially seemed suspicious to police. Tice, 48, had not been responding to a friend’s phone calls and text messages, and police initially thought his injuries could be consistent with those from a physical attack, NBC 7 reported.

Instead of revealing any signs of foul play, an ongoing investigation and autopsy have indicated Tice may have sustained his fatal injuries from an accidental fall, a San Diego homicide officer told NBC 7.

The police have no suspects in Tice's death, nor is there a perceived threat to the neighboring public, NBC 7 reported. After a toxicology report is completed, the local medical examiner’s office will make a formal ruling on Tice’s death.

Tice—a native of Telluride, Colorado—founded CorePower Yoga in Denver in 2002 after a climbing injury permanently injured his ankle. The company has since expanded to 160 clubs through franchising. Tice resigned as CEO in April 2014 and, until his death, had remained involved as a member of CorePower’s board of directors.