Congratulations on the new look. I like it. I only wish we could see more “How To,” step-by-step articles. Articles similar in nature to what Casey [Conrad] does in her “Marketing Matters” column.
Stephen P. Roma
Chief Executive WOW!zer
Wow! Work Out World


Thanks for the compliment and the insights [even more than are reflected here]. As a member of the Club Industry Editorial Advisory Board, we are always happy to hear from you. We will try to find ways to bring more “How To” type articles to the magazine as we continue to tweak the magazine's look and read. As a note to other readers, feel free to drop me a note with your opinions, thoughts, criticisms and needs — whether you are an Advisory Board member or not, your opinion counts.

Dear Editor,
I really enjoyed the new look of Club Industry! I also am glad to see a more back-to-business feel in the editorial. My only complaint is that the “Focus On” sections are too short. I feel like they are missing the real “meat” of longer articles.
Frank Duffy


Thanks for the feedback. If you take a look at the “Focus On” columns in this issue, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. We have tweaked the layout of them (and some other sections as well) to enable us to get some more editorial on the pages. As I've said before, the redesign of Club Industry is truly a work in progress and feedback such as yours will help us be a better magazine for the industry.

Dear Editor,
Kudos on the new magazine design. It is very much improved over the old design. However, I have one criticism: Why haven't you updated your Web site's look as well? While all the information you have on the site is valuable, the layout and design is BORING! Granted, I'm biased. I am a personal trainer by profession, but I also do freelance Web design and programming. It just seems a shame that you offer readers a lot of great information online, without a look to match it.
Sharon McGuyer


Thanks for the feedback. We will hopefully be getting to our Web site as soon as possible now that the magazine is shaping up. Perhaps we could use your skills to help speed the process along.

Dear Editor,
I enjoyed Lynnette Shelley's article entitled “Mind Over Matter,” in the March issue of Club Industry. As the owner of Mongoose Bodyworks, a Pilates studio in NYC, I thought she accurately represented what mind/body/spirit (MBS) exercise can mean.
Halle Markle
Mongoose Bodyworks

I really like the new Q&A section, [Ed. Note: “Club Industry Exchange”] in your last issue. Is this going to be an ongoing section? I'm looking forward to reading some more.
Tom Roberts


Glad you like the new section. We will be bringing the “Club Industry Exchange” every issue. See page 45 for this month's article.


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