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Dear Editor:
I realize you printed [Odd News, August] because you thought it was cute for a rooster to be “trained” on a treadmill. However, this practice is anything but cute. In fact, it's cruel. Birds destined for cockfighting rings are guaranteed to die slow, painful, gruesome deaths, while inhumane ignorant people bet on the outcome of the fights. This little tidbit of information has no place in your respectable magazine. Surely you can find more interesting subjects for your articles. Shame on you!!

Jane Levy
Vice President
30 Minute Fitness

The Editor responds:
Cute? No. We printed the piece because we thought it was ridiculous to make a rooster run on a treadmill. That's why we put the information in Odd News.
We weren't trying to condone cockfighting. I'm glad you find the magazine “respectable,” and I'm sorry for offending you.


Dear Editor:
Once again, thank you for the opportunity to use our facility for an example of how to integrate into the medical community [Focus On Sales/Marketing, September]. It's exciting to see sedentary people begin an exercise lifestyle and rewarding when they stick with it! Keep up the good work.

Jeff Sauters
Eau Claire Athletic Club

The Editor responds:
Thank you, Mr. Sauters, for taking the time to write the article for us. It's a must-read for any fitness professional interested in working with physicians.

Operators looking for more information on how to join the health care continuum should check out this month's cover story, “Tyrannosaurus Rx,” page 28. This article explores club/hospital partnerships.

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