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Dear Editor:
It was interesting to see your cover of the last issue — Advertising and Image [April]. Did you intend for the images of the woman to have her hands appear to be on the crotch of the guy in the middle? This was amusing.

You're right: We do need to pay attention to how we come across to the public. I appreciate the good work you all do to keep us abreast of our industry.
Ken Weaver
Rowan Health & Fitness Center

The Editor responds:
Your letter sparked some lively debate around the office. Tim Nord, our art director, points out that the woman's hands cross in front of the man's waist. However, after examining the cover more closely, I think you could make an argument that the intersection of her knees gives the man a rather bulging appearance.

Believe me, we weren't trying to be risqué with our cover. This is Club Industry, not Club.


Dear Editor:
In your April article “Eye Candy” by Lynnette Shelley, a number of opposing ideas were tossed around concerning what's “right” and what's “wrong” in health club advertising. Instead of suggesting that one type of advertisement fits every club, what if we took a look at the advertisers in other industries?

For example, if you compare the Saturn car advertisement in Bon Appetit magazine (May 2001) with the Saturn advertisement in Fortune magazine (April 16, 2001), both ads showcase an identical make and model of car. They use the same design layout, but the visuals and ad copy are talking to two completely different groups….

Both of these ads work because Saturn has honestly determined who their best prospects are and what they read, listen to and watch. From there, they organized these people into groups and marketed to each group based on their personal issues, cares and concerns.

Taking a cue from Saturn…and the like, all of us in the health and fitness industry are staring at a golden opportunity. An opportunity to raise our advertising to a new standard based on science instead of theory.
Brian Smith
Red Hot Marketing

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