Welcome to the first Club Industry of 2001. As you page through this issue, you'll notice some subtle changes that we made for the New Year - a different color here, a tweak in design there. You'll also see that we added a few new departments, such as Community Builders. Appearing on our final page, this section salutes clubs that have positively influenced their neighbors and neighborhoods.

We've also made some exciting additions behind the scenes for 2001. Specifically, we formed the Club Industry Advisory Board, a well-rounded group of fitness professionals who will provide us with feedback and analysis. I'm proud to report that the board includes:

Rick Caro: A 27-year veteran of the fitness industry, Caro is president of Management Vision, a leading consulting firm. He also is the part-time chair of the Spectrum Clubs, a company with major club clusters in Texas and California.

Casey Conrad, President of Communication Consultants and Healthy Inspirations: Communication Consultants offers sales, marketing and management services to the health and fitness industry worldwide. Healthy Inspirations is a new, international chain of weight-loss centers that are available as licensees to club operators.

Kirk Galiani, President and CEO, Gold's Gym International (GGI): Galiani started in the business in 1989 with one Gold's Gym club, eventually growing to 10. In 1999, he and his partners combined with Brockway Moran to purchase Gold's Gym corporate.

Ken Germano, Executive Director, The American Council on Exercise: Germano is an industry veteran who heads ACE, a respected certification organization and fitness watchdog group.

Jill Kinney, Founder and COO, Club One Inc: Kinney has more than 20 years of experience in the health and fitness sector. She founded Club One in 1991 and has turned it into a $50 million company with a total of 63 commercial and corporate fitness centers.

Douglas A. Ribley, Director, Fit-ness & Wellness, Akron General Health System: Ribley's career in the management and administration of corporate, commercial and hospital-based health, fitness and wellness centers spans 20 years. He is the current chair-elect of the Medical Fitness Association.

Stephen P. Roma, Chief Executive WOW!zer, WOW! Workout World: WOW! is an innovative, family-owned company with five locations in central New Jersey, plus four licensed locations in New England.

Steven Schwartz, President, Ten-nis Corporation of America (TCA): Prior to joining TCA in 1987, Schwartz was director of development for Hyatt Development Corporation, the real estate affiliate of Hyatt Hotels. In addition to his position at TCA, he serves on IHRSA's advisory board.

Julia Wheatley, Owner/President, Women's Fitness Center: Wheatley describes herself as a "small club advocate and customer service fanatic." She is currently serving as the first female president of MACMA (Mid-Atlantic Club Management Association).

As you can see, the board represents all aspects of our industry: small clubs; regional, national and global chains; women-only clubs; weight-loss centers; medical fitness; corporate fitness; franchisers/licensers; consultants; associations; and racquet clubs. This means that the board can address issues that relate to a wide sample of our readership.

While my hope is that the board will fairly represent our readers, I still encourage your feedback. In fact, with this issue, we've started a letters page specifically for this purpose. Don't hesitate to tell me what's on your mind. After all, Club Industry isn't my magazine; it's your magazine. Let me know what I can do to make it better.