Dear Editor,
Your December 2002 article, “Cardio Keeps Up With the Times,” was very informative about cardio aspects of a club. My “pet peeve” as an avid treadmill user is the amount of air circulation and temperature control in the cardio areas. I've noticed the problem is not only with my club, but as I travel, I see that most clubs and hotels are really stingy on the amount of airflow around the cardio areas.

Please revisit some of your experts and ask them how they deal with keeping the cardio area ventilation comfortable for different members' requirements. What I typically experience is that the clubs are always under-ventilated and the last 20 minutes of my run are miserable. In my opinion there has to be a separation between members that are walkers, joggers and runners.
Thanks for the article, Ed Nicewicz
Cargo Communications
Santa Clarita, CA

According to Graham/Meus Inc. architects, there are guidelines for proper ventilation and temperature settings for cardio areas. Temperatures in the cardio area should be between 68 and 72 degrees with 60 percent humidity. The air should change in the room eight to 12 times an hour. Of course, temperature, humidity level and circulation requirements vary depending on the activity occurring in a space. Yoga space generally requires a higher temperature and humidity level while a pool area requires the highest temperature but similar humidity level to the cardio area. We will delve into this subject a bit deeper in next month's issue. Stay tuned!