Dear Editor,
Your article, “Underground: The Club Culture of Steroids” (May 2005) brought up many good points on steroid use in the United States. As a football player, I've been very interested in steroids throughout high school and college. I'm always looking around to see if the person next to me has an advantage over me by using steroids. I've never personally taken steroids, but I've suspected several people of taking them in college. While in high school I never believed that anyone there had even thought about taking steroids.

I didn't know that Andro was a banned substance. I've seen numerous people taking Andro in the past, but not currently. The only supplement that I've ever taken was protein, which I did not see any harm in. I am just now finishing up my college career, and I couldn't believe the steroid use in health clubs across America. I will be sure to look out for potential steroid users when I join a gym and stay clear of them. I believe that the only way to build your body is the natural way. You must eat healthy and nutritious foods, as you wrote in your article. I could see why steroids are so tempting for young adults. They see star athletes and their fellow companions becoming bigger, faster and stronger, and they want to be the same.

Parents and schools must step in to make sure the steroid problem does not continue. Young adults may believe that steroids are beneficial to them, but in the long run they're ruining their lives. The parents and the schools must educate the youth of today so they know not to take steroids. I want to commend you for writing such a great article about the use of steroids. Hopefully, a young adult will read the article before they are tempted from steroids and stay clear of the drug.

Cody Johnson