Dear Editor:
I recently read your December 2000 Letter From the Editor entitled Banc on It in which you gave an excellent overview of the future growth potential of the fitness industry. I am in the process of updating our business plan and was wondering if you would be so kind as to fax or mail a copy of the Banc of America Securities Report that you reference in your December editorial.
Michael Caulk-Cassady GlobalFit Corporate Fitness

The Editor responds:
If you'd like to learn more about the Fitness Industry Overview — and possibly order a copy — contact Banc of America at (415) 627-2000. You can also visit the firm on the Web at Snail mail is 600 Montgomery St., San Francisco, CA 94111. Again, the name of the report is the Fitness Industry Overview, part of the Leisure Industry Overview of October 2000.


Dear Editor:
I enjoyed the article [Gain Without Pain, January, page 23] because it was down to earth and accurate. I have seen Gym Commandos who have hurt themselves, even after being injured previously for the same bad methods…. If I owned a club, the orientation would be a top priority as well as follow-up observation and/or suggestions every day.
Al Southwick Physical Pursuit

The Editor responds:
While the article had its share of humorous moments, it did emphasize that members need more information about safe strength training

Keep in mind that Mr. Southwick is not a club employee. He is a club member. So when he says that orientation should be a top priority for health clubs, he is speaking as a customer. What does that tell you?