Washington, Dc — Funding for Carol M. White Physical Education for Progress (PEP) grants will increase almost $3 million, according to the fiscal year 2008 U.S. Department of Education (ED) budget.

The amount budgeted for PEP is $75,655,000, an increase from the $72,674,000 appropriated amount in 2007. However, that's less than the $77 million originally budgeted for 2008, before an across-the-board reduction is taken against most programs in the consolidated appropriations bill, says Deborah Rudy of the ED.

President Bush has attempted to eliminate the PEP program as part of proposed ED budget cuts, but Congress rebuked those efforts for the third consecutive year.

Applications for PEP grants are available at www.ed.gov/programs/whitephysed/applicant.html.