In response to a lawsuit between its members and regional YMCA board, The YMCA of South Alabama plans to hold elections this week for a new board. After the board has been reconstituted, the controversial strategic plan that led to the member lawsuit would be subject to a vote in order to move forward.

Members of the Moorer YMCA wanted to block the election, according to the Mobile (AL) Press-Register, but the judge in the case would not pass their injunction. With 21 candidates, 13 of which are current board members, seeking 21 seats on the board, voters can cast votes for and against individual candidates or vote positively or negatively for the entire group. Ten percent of the membership must participate for the election to be valid.

Hoping to relieve the organization’s $5 million debt, the strategic plan that prompted the lawsuit involved the proposal of replacing the current 36,000-square-foot Monte L. and Louise R. Moorer YMCA in downtown Mobile, AL, with a 20,000-square-foot healthy living center.

The relocated Moorer YMCA branch would feature an increased focus on health and fitness, including a new personal training studio and more group exercise rooms. The new facility would not include the parking garage, swimming pool, gym or racquetball courts that the previous facility had.