If your club is not marketing to women, it is time to reevaluate, says Bridget Brennan, the author of “Why She Buys” and the founder and CEO of Female Factor, a Chicago-based consulting firm that specializes in marketing to women.

During her keynote address Oct. 25 at the 2013 Club Industry Conference and Exposition, Brennan will explain the major shifts affecting women around the world and how fitness businesses can better appeal to and meet women’s wants and needs in the marketplace.

Brennan says that many businesses fail to factor gender psychology into their marketing, which is a significant oversight in a world where women overwhelmingly dominate the consumer marketplace, driving 70 percent to 80 percent of consumer spending worldwide with their purchasing power and influence.

“Even when a woman isn’t pulling out her own credit card to buy something, she’s typically the primary influencer or veto vote behind somebody else’s purchase,” Brennan says.

Appealing to women so that they spend money at your business is important, but marketing to women also can turn them into a valuable source of advertising.

“Women are the drivers of word-of-mouth publicity, and they talk about service experiences and the experiences they have in the marketplace with their female friends in a different way than men do,” Brennan says.

But that does not mean that men should be left out in an effort to please female members, since most businesses need to appeal to both genders.

“The message is not to paint your facility pink,” Brennan says. “Women may be going in with a higher expectation. If you lead by thinking, ‘How are we going to make the women happy in this club?’, then you’re going to make your male customers happy, too.”