Mad Dogg Athletics Inc., the Venice, CA-based parent company of Spinning, Peak Pilates, Bodyblade and Resist-A-Ball, announced a strategic alliance with KettleBell Concepts (KBC), New York.

Mad Dogg Athletics will provide business experience and operational resources that will help expand curriculum development, in-club trainings and outreach, marketing, sales and strategic partnerships as well as increased efficiency in global product distribution to KBC.

Dave Ganulin, CEO of KettleBell Concepts, tells Club Industry that this is not an acquisition. Rather, Mad Dogg Athletics is providing operating capital in exchange for a percentage of equity, Ganulin says.

The addition of KBC's education also will enhance Mad Dogg Athletics' current lineup of educational programs, according to the company. John Baudhuin, CEO of Mad Dogg Athletics, says Ganulin approached Mad Dogg about a partnership, which comes on the heels of last year's partnership between Mad Dogg and CrossCore, a bodyweight training company.

"KBC has been on our radar for a while due to the increased interest and use of kettlebells amongst our instructor base and throughout the fitness industry," Baudhuin said in a statement. "We believe our instructors will benefit from this relationship with access to quality training and enhanced resources. By the nature of the education, KBC's integration into our multi-brand platform, along with our sales and distribution channels, will be seamless."

KBC, founded in 2002, was the first company to produce educational courses specifically geared to the fitness professional and gym owner looking to offer a small group kettlebell program. Ganulin was the first to bring kettlebells to Equinox, New York, and the company has integrated kettlebells with a number of other major brands around the world. Ganulin says he ran KBC out of his apartment for the first six years using funds from his savings account, his salary from day jobs and credit cards.

"I'm ecstatic about what this means for KBC and our nearly 5,000 trained instructors," Ganulin said in a statement. "We're excited to work with Mad Dogg Athletics to bring KBC to the next level. We have accomplished a lot in the past 10 years and expect that Mad Dogg Athletics' investment and our strategic alliance will open up numerous new opportunities and channels of distribution."