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FITNESS EQUIPMENT FOR SALE: 8 pieces of HUR equipment for sale. HUR is a european line of fitness/weight and rehab equipment that can be seen at For sale are the following: ab/back, leg extension/leg curl, chest press, leg press, bicep/tricep, abduction/ adduction and delt/lat along with the compressor, tubing and software/ kiosk to run the equipment. All of this equipment is still under warranty and is 50% off retail.
Also for sale, 1 Startrac Total Body Trainer #E-TBT for $2500, a recubant bike #E-RB for $1000 all under warranty. Also, for sale are 48 mahogany lockers with key entry originally $6200 selling for $3000. 8 Startrac elite pro spinning bikes also for sale for $700 each. All items are located in Cleveland Ohio and the buyer must arrange shipping. If interested, all items can be seen or a picture sent and are in storage in a heated storage unit. or call 440-804-4095.