RenoSys Corp. fixes old pools with a full range of swimming pool renovation products for club pools. RenoSys features the RenoSys PVC Pool Shell, a reinforced 60-mil thick commercial PVC pool membrane system that is melted together and upholstered inside the pool making the pool watertight and safer, and lowering swimming pool maintenance costs.

The Summit Series of above-grade stainless steel spas and pools offers club owners a turnkey pool for new construction or retrofit of existing facilities.

For leaking or slippery pool or locker room decks, RenoSys offers the 85 mil thick RecDeck PVC Leisure Flooring System, which provides a highly slip-resistant watertight surface. It is available in several attractive colors. RecDeck is also perfect for locker rooms and, with the addition of foam, aerobic floor areas.

RenoSys also offers stainless and PVC gutters, aquatic equipment, grating, aquatic safety padding and offers club owners free design assistance.

About RenoSys Corp.: RenoSys Corp. is a renovator and builder of club pools.

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