The keys to seeing an increase in personal training revenue are in understanding your members’ motives and emotional reasoning to purchase personal training. Fitness managers and personal training managers need to look and listen to their members’ needs and how trainers are responding to them. By understanding why members are compelled to purchase personal training, your trainers can better serve them. Here are seven reasons why members purchase personal training and how to reach out to them based on their reason:

To find the athlete within. Take the focus off the scale and direct it toward winning instead. By addressing achievement in your members’ workouts, members may want to work toward an athletic status with your club. Invite members to try their hands at a plank, a push-up or a pull-up, while you push them to do a few more reps. Stand at the finish line when members step across it so you can encourage them to push harder to shave off a few seconds from their time. Using this strength assessment will make your members want your help to climb to a higher level.

To perfect their exercise form. Whether it is a new program, lack of progress in their current program or starting a new trend, take the opportunity to teach, coach or educate members about their form. Members do not want to get injured or do an exercise incorrectly. Show them the value in purchasing training to solve these problems. Trainers can start with a demonstration session or educational seminar to introduce their services. By taking members away from the workout floor into a safe and judgment-free workshop scenario, you help members see the benefits of taking the extra time with a trainer to learn how to do exercise properly.

To buddy up for two-in-one training. Some members are more apt to do personal training if they can train with a friend or family member and share the cost of the programming. The healthy competition and camaraderie of this type of training is a successful pair. Buddy training can lead to faster results, higher retention and the opportunity to hold that loved one accountable. Members will sign up with a friend if that means it will keep them focused on a fitness journey.

To achieve a fit feeling. Some members are compelled to purchase personal training to get the increase in energy that a regular workout delivers. Aggressive trainers will review assessment results regularly and include a discussion on the members’ overall “fitness feeling.” It is helpful for these trainers to chart the feelings on a progress sheet and perhaps even send home report cards or status updates assessing that the conversation always returns to how great the fitness feeling really is.