The Personal Trainer: a tale of pain, gain, greed & lust

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This new fictional book, The Personal Trainer, A Tale of Pain, Gain, Greed & Lust, is the first legal thriller about the fitness industry and the life of a personal trainer.  The book is set in Upper Arlington, Ohio an affluent suburb of Columbus and involves a personal trainer named Anthony James Piccini or Tony as he became known.  Tony became a certified personal trainer at a health club known as FitAgain and due to the services he provided to one young mother, turned her life upside down and led to Tony’s involvement with the legal system.  The novel explores the nuances of both the fitness industry and the legal system and presents a rather dramatic case for personal trainers to visualize what could happen if they ever come into the crosshairs of the legal system.  The author, David L. Herbert, is an Ohio attorney with nearly 35 years’ experience in the legal and standards aspects of the health and fitness industry.  He helped develop standards for the industry and is intimately familiar with the legal requirements for personal trainers.

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