A second man has been charged with shooting videos of boys changing at an Andover (MN) YMCA locker room.

Christopher Bradshaw, a 47-year-old from Columbus, MN, allegedly used an iPhone to record a video of two boys changing out of their swimsuits in the Y locker room. Bradshaw was charged with two counts of interference with privacy and two counts of possessing child pornography in Anoka County (MN) District Court on March 22.

Last month, Robert Minor was arrested and charged for taking photos and videos of boys changing in an Andover Y bathroom stall with a camera hidden in a watch.

After Minor's arrest, Y staff had information about the incident available at the front desk and posted on a bulletin board, says Bette Fenton, vice president of marketing and communications for the Y of the Greater Twin Cities.

But two state officials do not think the Y made enough of an effort to notify members.

“I was very disturbed that the families of potential victims at several health club locations were not notified in an appropriate amount of time of the horrific incident that might have involved their children,” State Sen. Branden Petersen told the Anoka County Union.

Petersen and State House Representative Jim Abeler introduced companion bills in the Minnesota legislature on March 19 that would require health clubs to immediately notify members of any criminal incident involving a child that happens on the premises. Health clubs also would have to send notice giving a general description of the incident, including date and location, through the mail or email to every member with a child, "post a sufficient number of signs" and tell members about the incident as they enter and exit the facility.

Hearing dates for the bill have not been set, but Fenton says that the oversight is unnecessary.

"The Y doesn't need legislation to do the right thing," Fenton says. "We will always do the right thing for children and members of the community, and we're working very closely with the Anoka County Sheriff's Department. We followed their guidance. They had information that they wanted us to share if people had questions, and we did that. We continue to work very, very closely with them." 

After the Y was informed of Bradshaw's alleged actions, staff worked with the sheriff's department to create an email alerting all members to what happened and informing them that Caucasian male minors were being targeted.

Fenton says that the Y also will work with the Anoka County Sherriff's office to develop a workshop to help parents understand new safety issues.

"This is a new thing for parents, having to be concerned about surreptitious videotaping, and these new devices are so inconspicuous," Fenton says. "You have no idea that a wristwatch can be a videotaping device."