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(OAKLAND, CA, NEWBURY PARK, CA, January 5, 2017) – The Association of Fitness Studios (AFS) today proudly announced and welcomed the addition of Smart Fitness to its membership ranks.

Smart Fitness is a one-stop education platform to train the entire facility staff.  From certifying trainers to member experience training for front desk staff, Smart Fitness delivers all the training needs of your studio or club.

“Any studio is only as strong as its weakest link – and often that weak link is staff training,” said Josh Leve, AFS founder and CEO.  “Smart Fitness has a proven track record of successfully bridging the gap. We’re pleased they’ve joined the AFS Community.”

Smart Fitness provides an interactive website with all the education facility staff needs to become trained in their respective roles.  The platform also assists in advancing the careers of fitness professionals by offering an education continuum that allows inter-departmental growth.

“A knowledgeable, qualified staff equals a successful business,” said John Platero, Smart Fitness’ CEO.  “Smart Fitness provides all the education you’ll need from preventing sexual harassment to safety, CPR, personal training and Group X.”

Among the features offered by Smart Fitness is a customization option that creates a unique education track for each department of the studio’s team based on individual goals and requirements.  The program makes enrollment, tracking, and reporting automatic.

“We’ve seen AFS emerge as the leader in the studio segment of the industry,” said Platero.  “We look forward to working closely with Josh and his team to enhance the customer experience through better training.”

More information on Smart Fitness can be found at

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The Association of Fitness Studios (AFS) is the only membership community dedicated solely to the business of fitness studios.  AFS provides studio owners and developers a wide array of business-specific products, services, and benefits that enable them to more effectively manage and grow their businesses, building on the passion, compassion and courage they’ve already shown.

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