Nautilus Commercial Rolls Out Revolutionary XPLOAD Zone Equipment and Programming

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Med-Fit Systems, manufacturer of Nautilus® commercial products, introduced a revolutionary new functional training system, the XPLOAD Zone™.  The XPLOAD Zone™ was designed modularly, to be fully customizable to the users needs in terms of space, color and activity requirements.  The sturdy truss, with integrated monkey bars, attachment points, and a variety of options, such as pull-up and dip bars, Olympic bar attachment and heavy bag attachment, can be custom designed either with or without Nautilus' patent-pending EVO® functional pulley stations.  The pulley options shrink the footprint by 33% versus competitor functional training models, and provide weight increments of 2.5 pounds per handle to accommodate any exerciser.  Additionally, 10' unit with Nautilus® Commercial functional trainers on both ends, as pictured above, can accommodate up to ten users at one time.

The XPLOAD Zone™ provides a heavy duty, stable truss, with a typical starting truss length of just 5', and expandable in 20", 40" and 60" increments.  The frame carries an aggressive lifetime warranty.  This lean, modular, inexpensive solution is ideal for any fitness facility - large or small - including fitness clubs, YMCAs, personal training studios, military, fire and police departments, martial arts training centers, rehabilitation facilities, hospitality and multi-housing, high schools and colleges  and any fitness center looking to maximize space for group training. 

During his tenure as President of the Commercial Division at Nautilus®, Jim Teatum, was highly successful in developing programming and ready-made marketing that was easy for fitness facilities to synchronize with their Nautilus® equipment.  Today, Teatum is consulting privately with Med-Fit Systems and they have together developed the same "plug and play" type of programming for use with XPLOAD Zone™ equipment.

Stated Teatum, "As functional training is a trend that is persisting and the investment per square foot is significantly lower than traditional equipment, more and more gyms are finding space for dedicated functional training areas.  They are using these areas and functional training equipment to boost small group exercise classes and personal training.  Functional training facilities can often command a higher membership fee than many traditionally equipped gyms.  For example, Cross Fit.  Gym operators are looking for packaged functional training solutions.  Med-Fit Systems has provided exactly what they need in the footprint-conscious XPLOAD Zone™ and its corresponding programming."

The functional training exercise regimen appeals strongly to the conditioned 18 to 34 year old member market. Today's younger member does not necessarily buy into the sanitized box gym of their parents' generation.  Cross Fit, Boot Camps and P90X have all been instrumental in driving growth in functional training.  However, Med-Fit Systems' CEO, Dean Sbragia, relates that the company was born as a medical fitness equipment distributor, and then expanded into other markets, and therefore recognizes the need for compact functional training equipment and programming  in a variety of sectors, like rehabilitation and smaller fitness studios like martial arts.  Hence, the fully customizable XPLOAD Zone™ was designed.

XPLOAD Zone™ is made in the Nautilus® Commercial manufacturing facility in Independence, Virginia, USA, so fully customized equipment can be turned around quickly and priced reasonably.

The Nautilus® Commercial website ( offers a free gym planning tool for layout and design purposes.  Users have the ability to build their own XPLOAD Zone™ unit, from minimal truss size to expansion trusses and mid-support towers for trusses greater than 20' in length, to specifying which pulleys are desired (or if end towers are preferred, with or without pull-up and/ordip bars).

Sbragia noted that Nautilus® Commercial reps are ready to assist in fully customizing XPLOAD Zone™ color and design with their customers.  He further emphasized, "XPLOAD Zone™ is designed to fit our customers' needs- not ours."

About Med-FitSystems, Inc.

Med-Fit Systems is a twenty five year old physical therapy and senior care products provider located in Southern California and built on education, exemplary customer service and an unwavering loyalty to its customers. In 2010, Med-Fit Systems acquired the commercial fitness equipment division from Nautilus®, Inc.   Med-Fit Systems implemented the same core values that have been the foundation of its success toresurrect the iconic American brand. Manufacturing of Nautilus® commercial cardio and freeweights was brought back from overseas to Virginia. Soon after the acquisition of Nautilus® commercial assets, Med-Fit Systems purchased the SportKAT company. All manufacturing for that company's Korebalance™ balance assessment and rehabilitation products was also moved to Virginia. All products manufactured by Med-Fit Systems are made in the USA, in their Independence, VA facility.

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