Nautilus Commercial Blazes into New Year with FIREpower

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Med-Fit Systems, the manufacturer of the iconic Nautilus® commercial fitness equipment, blazes into the new year with the introduction of FIREpower by Natuilus® programming for firefighters. 

In an era of tight budgets and space constraints, FIREpower by Nautilus® programming directly addresses the strength, functionality and cardiovascular requirements for frequently performed job tasks that are demanded of firefighters.

A sad and sobering fact is that 50% of all Line of Duty Deaths among firefighters are caused by heart attack.  Low back and shoulder injuries are also common problems, resulting in an annual cost of up to $7.8 billion (NIST, 2005).  The problem is exacerbated by the fact that firefighters are often required to move quickly from a relatively sedentary situation to a physically and mentally demanding, high stress emergency without the benefit of warm-up.

Dean Sbragia, CEO of Med-Fit Systems, explained, "We have closely analyzed the conditioning challenge faced by today's firefighters and the cost of addressing injuries, together with time, space and budget considerations.  FIREpower by Nautilus® was born out of these considerations.  FIREpower™ provides a tailored program designed to meet the physical demands of firefighters as well as provide a preventative health intervention component."

More information about FIREpower by Nautilus® is available on the company's website:  

About Med-Fit Sytstems, Inc.

Med-Fit Systems is a twenty six year old physical therapy and senior care products provider located in Southern California and built on education, exemplary customer service and an unwavering loyalty to its customers. In 2010, Med-Fit Systems acquired the commercial fitness equipment division from Nautilus®, Inc.   Med-Fit Systems implemented the same core values that have been the foundation of its success toresurrect the iconic American brand. Manufacturing of Nautilus®commercial cardio and freeweights was brought back from overseas to Virginia. Soon after the acquisition of Nautilus® commercial assets, Med-Fit Systems purchased the SportKAT company. All manufacturing for that company's Korebalance® balance assessment and rehabilitation products was also moved to Virginia. All products manufactured by Med-Fit Systems are made in the USA, in their Independence, VA facility.

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