Motion Traxx Unveils Cardio Express Series in January 2014

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Motion Traxx™, the highest-rated workout music on iTunes, launches its newest series, “Cardio Express,” in January 2014. This new series of audio workouts features voiceover coaching from leading fitness instructors, and a specially designed music soundtrack of high-energy dance music, synced with phases of the workout to keep exercisers motivated for enhanced performance. It’s like having a group fitness class in your ear buds.

As a response to its own customers’ demands and the latest fitness trend toward shorter, more efficient workouts, “Cardio Express” features 20-minute high-intensity workouts for Treadmill, Indoor Cycling/Spinning, and Elliptical enthusiasts. Available digitally as albums on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play, the “Cardio Express” workouts retail for $9.99 apiece.

Each album features three different 20-minute workouts. Users can do one, two or all three coached workouts, each of which include a short warm-up and cool down, surrounding a 15-minute concentrated routine. Flexible enough for ALL fitness levels, “Cardio Express” offers ease of use and efficiency as users follow the beats and verbal coaching cues to achieve a complete and effective cardio workout in less than the time it takes to do a load of laundry.

Not only can users mix-and-match the workouts within a particular album, but can also combine albums to conquer several cardio machine workouts in a single trip to the gym. For example, a 20-minute burn on the Treadmill followed by a 20-minute upper body strength session on the Elliptical.

By partnering with leading fitness instructors from Equinox including Amy Dixon (former contributor at magazine, Women's Health) for Treadmill; Stephanie Vitorino (former Exercise TV featured trainer) for Elliptical; and Gregg Cook (Schwinn Master Trainer) for Indoor Cycling, exercisers across the country can train with top trainers anytime, anywhere with the convenience of their music player or Smartphone. Whether it’s New York or Newcastle, Los Angeles or Lubbock, “Cardio Express” provides the opportunity for a high-end workout wherever you are.

The Cardio Express series was produced to help remove an obstacle many people struggle with when it comes to exercising on a regular basis. According to celebrity trainer and Cardio Express coach Amy Dixon, “Cardio Express is the perfect solution to one of the key reasons holding people back from working out -- TIME. Our Cardio Express workouts are expertly designed to help them get in a complete workout in just 20-minutes. They get the results they want in the time they have.”

Cardio Express is the only music-based product designed to help maximize a cardio-equipment based workout, in minimal time. While exercising with cardio machines can be boring, and even ineffective, millions of people still turn to these ubiquitous machines for their convenience factor. But now, instead of being bored on the treadmill, they can just hit ‘play’ on their music device to follow a structured routine, led by a top trainer and supported by a special fitness soundtrack.

Deekron (a.k.a The Fitness DJ), Founder of Motion Traxx says “The workout music soundtracks we’ve built for Cardio Express are not just super-fun and motivating, but also help set the perfect intensity at every phase of your workout, so that the listener can maximize the 20 minutes they spend working out. We’re excited to apply our workout music expertise to motivate people and help them get more out of their cardio, in less time.”

“Cardio Express” leverages the proven High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) technique, which can burn up to nine times more calories than doing steady-state exercise. The specially crafted soundtracks deliver the precise energy, pace and timing through energizing tunes and irresistible rhythms. According to the American Council on Exercise (, “[Music] can reduce the perception of effort significantly and increase endurance by as much as 15 percent.” With music as a motivating factor, “Cardio Express” delivers fast results through fast workouts.

About Motion Traxx

Motion Traxx specializes in motivating people to exercise through music. Their soundtracks are designed to deliver motivation and improve the listener’s workout, whether they are running outdoors or working out on cardio equipment. Motion Traxx is produced by Deekron, The Fitness DJ using an exclusive music mixing technique called Action Sync™, which goes beyond an ordinary playlist by engaging the pace, power, and flow of the music to enhance users’ performance and maximize their results. Thousands of individuals around the world have used Motion Traxx to get fit, lose weight and even train for marathons. Motion Traxx is the highest-rated workout music on iTunes and has been downloaded or streamed more than 10MM times. Motion Traxx has created custom workout mixes for major fitness brands including Gatorade, Asics, Secret, and PowerBar. Motion Traxx is based in New York City. For more information visit Follow Motion Traxx on Facebook and @motiontraxx on Twitter.

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