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Apr 8, 2015

Everything You Need to Connect and Interact with Your Mobile Members

Video sponsored by CSI Software. Brand CSI Software's mobile app to your brand and learn how to get more out of the app for you and your members....More
Apr 1, 2015

Empower Members to Book, Register and Schedule from Their Phones

Five apps for organizing fitness professionals....More
Mar 23, 2015

MYE Entertainment AppAudio

Need teaser...More
Mar 17, 2015

Introducing the Woodway ProSmart Console Powered by AthliOS

Video sponsored by AthliOS....More
Feb 12, 2015

Do You Know Your Fitness Business? Fifteen Questions to Ask to Survive  

John Atwood and Bobby Verdun of Atwood Consulting share 15 questions that you should ask yourself and how to get the most out of those answers. Questions include: Am I working on my business or in my business, is my business showing growth, how can I compete with a low-priced competitor and do you know where your competitors are vulnerable? ...More
Feb 1, 2015

Insider Secrets of Advertising and Marketing Success  

Tony Avilez, owner, The Body House, shares some secrets on how to create better advertising and marketing by knowing your clients better, speaking to them in a way they will understand, developing relationships, creating better headlines that will speak to prospects and more. ...More
Feb 1, 2015

Trends: How They Will Influence the Fitness Industry from Now On  

Michael Scott Scudder, CEO of Fitness Business Council, spoke at the 2014 Club Industry Show, sharing the major trends in the fitness industry today, how trends will affect your business, how consumer behaviors affect trends and how clubs can capitalize on current and predicted trends. ...More
ASF’s NEW Member Referral Program
Jan 30, 2015

Pass-a-Friend marketing referral program

ASF’s NEW Member Referral Program...More
Jan 26, 2015

Health Coaching Is the New Black  

In this video of a presentation from the 2014 Club Industry Show, Gregory Florez, owner of V2Performance, shares how to get into health coaching and why doing so makes sense for your future....More
Jan 26, 2015

How Health Club Operators Can Compete in a Low-Priced Market  

Ken Carrier, president of No Body Denied, shared with attendees at the 2014 Club Industry Show the journey he took, the mistakes he made and the successes he had when competing with low-priced clubs to become a multi-million dollar business....More
Master Class Videos
Apr 21, 2014

Preview: Close More Sales by Using Three Concepts and the Four-Chain Link 2

Use this plan to inform, inspire and persuade so you can close more membership sales....More
Executive Insights Videos
Nov 13, 2014

Exhale: How a Boutique Well-being Brand Thrives  

Annbeth Eschbach, CEO of exhale, shares why she created her boutique studio brand and how she plans to grow her business in New York and beyond....More

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