Chuck Herman, director of sales and distribution at FIT One, Canton, OH, which developed the BallBike, uses the company’s website, Facebook page and YouTube channel to educate facilities about how the bike is being used and the dynamics that the bike offers. FIT One offers in-services to facilities that purchase the BallBike as they continue to develop a certification for the product for group exercise instructors and personal trainers.

“We believe we have something of a niche product and having that certification further adds validity to what this product will bring to the table for any type of facility that decides to make that investment,” Herman says. “We want to have a proprietary instruction that really educates the users and the people that are going to be educating their end users. It’s about having proper form and technique and really making the experience one of a kind.”

However, certain products, such as Nexersys, do not need this packaging because its interactive experience teaches, challenges and leads users to their fitness goals by providing personalized feedback through a simulated personal trainer.

“When people don’t have the time for a personal trainer or the financial capacity to have one every time they work out, Nexersys is the machine that interacts with them like a personal trainer would,” says Terry Jones, chairman and CEO of Nexersys, Austin, TX. “Unlike a television on a treadmill, which is just there to disguise the boredom and lack of interaction, the Nexersys replicates that personal training interaction with the user.”

Although traditional strength and cardio fitness staples have their place in fitness facilities, through group exercise and personal training, these unique and innovative products are finding their fit in health clubs as well.