Building a high performing team requires a foundation established around trust. And that trust is established through vulnerability. When we force our teammates to sign non-compete agreements, we break trust from the start. 

When we force the non-compete issue, we hurt our ability to keep and increase business because it causes us to avoid doing the difficult things that create great loyalty and trust with the team we are trying to serve. 

If we can't learn to trust our team, we'll find ourselves increasingly out of touch with the next generation of leaders (Millennials and Generation Y) for whom transparency in the workplace is simply not optional.

Watch the video above to hear more about what I have to say about this topic. And share your thoughts on this topic in the comments section below. 


Brent Gallagher, MSS, CSCS, ACSM, is co-owner of Avenu Fitness, a 4,500-square-foot personal training studio in Houston. He has built a brand measuring the quality of life one can live, not just measuring biceps and waistlines. Gallagher invests time coaching high-performing leaders and challenging fitness business operators to come to blows with the status quo by redefining what’s possible for the communities they serve. Avenu Fitness offers 30-minute training programs and a teaching kitchen for nutrition health.