HR Professional Launches New Day One Training Platform and Gets Named on the 2013 Top HR Products List

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The first day of a new job is always memorable; not to mention stressful, confusing, and overwhelming - and not just for a new hire! Companies often spend much time and manpower training new employees, temps, interns, and contract workers, often sacrificing productivity and efficiency in the process. 

Enter Onboardia, the virtual boot camp for day one training and one of this year’s winners of the Top HR Products awarded by Human Resource Executive Magazine. The concept of an online training module is often an unattainable luxury for many small and midsize companies. However, Onboardia is an affordable way for businesses of any kind to close the knowledge gap, and is designed to include not only permanent hires, but also temporary employees, interns, and contract workers.

“The first day of work can be like coming to a party and not knowing anyone,” explains Cathy Reilly, published author, an  HR professional, and founder of Onboardia. “This online training program is like a friend showing you the ropes.”

The virtual boot camp allows businesses to incorporate need-to-know information, minus the fluff. It allows new hires to read brief, concise information about the company, including its expectations, codes of ethics and policies, as well as corporate culture. Onboardia prioritizes informing new hires about the personality of the company, and what day-to-day operations are really like - right down to how coworkers spend their lunch hour! It allows employers to completely customize the module, receive written sign-offs on any training topic and is inherently user-friendly. 

As a former HR professional with over twenty years of experience in the field, Cathy Reilly knows a thing or two about the stress day one can place on both new hires and HR departments. Onboardia is a response to a growing demand for an affordable way to more efficiently train new hires, facilitate productivity, and save time and labor. It also has a personal touch that is rare in products of its kind, which coincides perfectly with the priorities of its target audience: small to midsize businesses.

Whether you own, an insurance, advertising or staffing agency, law firm, restaurant, or fitness center, onboarding new hires is a taxing experience for any industry. Cathy Reilly is taking the burden off  HR professionals and new hires with Onboardia: the training software of the HR pro, by the HR pro, and for the HR pro!


There are a lot of training programs out there, but they can be too complex, very expensive and aren’t targeted to include the needs of small to mid-sized companies. That’s our niche and what we see as missing in the marketplace currently,” said Reilly. “Why shouldn’t a smaller company have some of the same advantages as the big guys? That’s why I created Onboardia - to be that solution.”

For more information on Onboardia, or to request a demo, visit To arrange media interviews or for hi-res photography, please contact Cathy Reilly at or via phone at 516-512-1064.

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