Hedstrom Fitness, Maker of BOSU, Launches Newly Redesigned POWERSTAX Risers to Turbo Charge BOSU Workout

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Hedstrom Fitness recently redesigned its PowerStax Risers, an adjustable resistance training tool to improve the versatility, intensity and usability of the BOSU Balance Trainer.

Each single BOSU PowerStax Riser is designed to elevate the BOSU by 4 inches. PowerStax are available as a single riser or in a set of three. They partially stabilize the BOSU in a platform side "up" or "down" position and create unpredictable resistance challenges when water-filled.

The ability to achieve different heights with the BOSU through PowerStax means a wide variety of exercise regimens to accomplish a multitude of fitness goals. Plus, when the risers are water-filled (ranging between 2 to 35 lbs.) the resultant unpredictable dynamic load challenges whole body strength, especially the upper body and core. Additionally, when the PowerStax Risers partially stabilize the BOSU in the platform side "up" position, the differing heights facilitate standing, jumping and/or landing in a bilateral athletic stance-- offering unlimited options for advanced drills and exercises, sport progressions, and explosive power and agility drills.

Appropriate for all ages and skill levels, BOSU PowerStax works for beginners, deconditioned participants, and older adults as stacking multiple risers simplifies the process of getting up and down from of the BOSU, increasing the ability to perform seated, side-lying, and prone exercises, as well as dynamic stretches.

"BOSU PowerStax Risers give users more options to power up their BOSU exercise regimen," said Mike Kelly, CFO, Hedstrom Fitness. "Whether you are just starting out or you are a seasoned athlete, PowerStax can be a terrific addition because it makes easy exercises harder and hard exercises easier. Like the BOSU, PowerStax Risers are versatile, portable and fun."

Product Specifications:

BOSU POWERSTAX, Single (1 Riser Unit and Instructional Workout DVD):$69.95

BOSU POWERSTAX, Set (3 Riser Units and Instructional Workout DVD):$199.95


Product Enhancements include:

•       Redesigned elevation system for the BOSU Pro, Club (and Home) Balance Trainer

•       New, improved, recessed feet on base of POWERSTAX enhance the product’s stability and durability

•       Enhanced product stability and versatility by adding water to the interior of any POWERSTAX

•       Turns into a dynamic resistance and strength training tool when used on its own

•       Variable grip options with two sets of  handles

•       Special filling instructions explain how to add water to achieve desired weight

About Hedstrom Fitness

Hedstrom Fitness is a newly created division of Ball, Bounce and Sport Inc., one of the nation's premier manufacturers, distributors and marketers of play and sports balls with more than 175 employees and distribution networks in the U.S. and Canada. In April 2012, Hedstrom acquired exclusive, worldwide distribution of BOSU® products from Fitness Quest Inc. Officially launched in 2000, the BOSU® Balance Trainer helped to introduce the concept of balance training to elite athletes and coaches, fitness professionals, medical and rehabilitation specialists, and schools and universities. Based in Ashland, Ohio, Hedstrom Plastics, a sister division, currently manufactures commercial and retail versions of the BOSU Balance Trainer and BOSU Ballast Ball, as well as  exercise balls, surf boarding training devices, and medicine balls. For more information visit www.BOSU.com, www.Hedstrom.com, and www.HedstromPlastics.com.

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