Hedstrom Fitness, Maker of BOSU and Kamagon, is New Training Partner to Pittsburgh Steelers

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Hedstrom Fitness, maker of the BOSU and Kamagon, recently signed an agreement to become a training partner of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The agreement pertains to Hedstrom’s Kamagon ball and BOSU Balance Trainer. As a training partner, Hedstrom will receive the opportunity to participate in events such as the Steelers’ Strength and Conditioning Clinic, Youth Football Camps and Training Camp, as well as other promotional considerations. In turn, the Steelers will receive Kamagon and BOSU balls, as well as Surge, for their strength and conditioning programs, athletic training and youth football camp programs, as well as other promotional considerations.

Hedstrom Fitness manufactures, distributes and markets effective functional fitness products for trainers, fitness enthusiasts, youth, active agers, athletes and physical therapists among others. In fact, its most acclaimed product, the BOSU, started the functional integrated training revolution in helping people get in shape, age better and maintain mobility while also improving their vitality by training muscles based on the way they are used in everyday life. Its products include the BOSU Balance Trainer, BOSU Ballast Ball, BOSU POWERSTAX, BOSU 3D System, Kamagon Balls, Surge and more.

"When you think Steelers, you think determination, persistence, ability and pure muscle," said Mike Kelly, CFO, Hedstrom Fitness."For the players, both BOSU and Kamagon are the perfect pieces of equipment to enhance strength conditioning because they increase the challenge of traditional exercises. Plus, to fit a football player’s travel schedule, both are portable, whether players are in a hotel room or at home in the off-season."

"Hedstrom Fitness provides tough, durable products that are used in the Pittsburgh Steelers Training Program on a daily basis," said Garrett Giemont, conditioning coordinator of the Steelers. "The Hedstrom Fitness products challenge not only the strength component but also the balance component of exercise, and we are thrilled the Bosu Ball, Kamagon Ball and Surge are part of our everyday workouts."

About Hedstrom Fitness: Hedstrom Fitness is a newly created division of Ball, Bounce and Sport Inc., one of the nation's premier manufacturers, distributors and marketers of play and sports balls with more than 175 employees and distribution networks in the U.S. and Canada. In April 2012, Hedstrom acquired exclusive, worldwide distribution of BOSU® products from Fitness Quest Inc. Officially launched in 2000, the BOSU® Balance Trainer helped to introduce the concept of balance training to elite athletes and coaches, fitness professionals, medical and rehabilitation specialists, and schools and universities. Based in Ashland, Ohio, Hedstrom Plastics, a sister division, currently manufactures commercial and retail versions of the BOSU Balance Trainer and BOSU Ballast Ball, as well as  exercise balls, surf boarding training devices, and medicine balls. For more information visit www.BOSU.com, www.Hedstrom.com, and www.HedstromPlastics.com.

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Apr 21, 2014

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