“Jack used to offer, back in the old days, $10,000 to anybody who could keep up with him in a workout program. Nobody could keep up with Jack in a workout program.”

—Bob Delmonteque, former bodybuilder, club owner and trainer to the stars

“How can anybody say a bad word about him? He’s just a great human being. You can’t be around him and be unhappy.”

—Joe Weider, fitness publishing entrepreneur and 2003 Club Industry Lifetime Achievement Award Winner

“He’s just like a 25-year-old guy. The guy really hasn’t changed. When you talk about the fitness industry, you have to talk about Jack LaLanne.”

—Jerry Kahn, longtime friend and club operator

“Jack is a phenomenal fitness figure. He’s the most focused man I know in the industry. When he sets his mind to something, nothing can stop him.”

—Joe Baratta, longtime friend and club operator