FITwave International Technologies Partners with Links Modular Solutions

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FITwave International Technologies, a provider of fitness technology products, has established an agreement with Links Modular Solutions to expand FITwave products into the Australian and New Zealand markets. The most notable aspect of the agreement is the integration of FITwave’s caloric tracking and scoring product FITpas, into a variety of Links products. The integration will allow Links to provide fitness and activity tracking to approximately 7 million potential Australian and New Zealand users.

FITpas Personal Activity Score is an application that provides a revolutionary means of establishing a standardized scoring system (the FITpas Score™), which tracks and systematically validates virtually all types of activity. Positioning itself as a complimentary product for healthcare organizations, health clubs, and corporate wellness programs, the FITpas Wellness Program provides Group and Corporate Members with real time and historical reporting of activity scores and participation levels of all group users. By aggregating the activity data into Group Reports, FITpas offers a new method of quantifying the cost-effectiveness and return on implementing any health and wellness program.

To track activity, users of FITpas are able to select from over 500 activities ranging from low impact, such as walking, to higher intensity sports and activities. To add an even more accurate method of tracking caloric burn data, FITpas connects with approximately 100 leading fitness tracking devices and equipment, such as, Nike, Jawbone, LifeFitness, MyZone, Fitbit, Garmin, Fitbug, iHealth, Omron, Polar, and Netpulse, among many others.

“FITpas is a universal solution to activity tracking in the healthcare industry, ideal for both fitness enthusiasts and less active individuals. While a low percentage of the fitness market (the 20%’ers) are seeking new ways to evaluate higher forms physical fitness, the overwhelming majority (the 80%’ers) simply need more ways to track activities and set goals, not commonly associated with a typical fitness regimen,” says David Dunlap, President and CEO of FITwave International Technologies.

As stated in a December 11, 2013 article from Pricewaterhouse Coopers , “Instead of prescribing drugs, providers are prescribing exercise regimens and using data to keep patients on track to meet health goals. In 2014, the trend has the potential to fundamentally alter how health organizations interact with patients and one another to deliver care and manage health while keeping costs down.”

About FITpas
FITpas (, by FITwave International Technologies, was created to track and score daily activity using a simple and straight-forward formula to measure, and reward ongoing Health and Wellness progress. FITpas Corporate Wellness ( establishes a consistent, measurable tracking protocol (the FITpas Score™), which aligns to recognizable standards accepted by both healthcare and medical communities. Integrating the FITpas measuring protocol, with leading fitness tracking devices, allows FITpas users the ability to obtain a highly valid means of evaluating and scoring activity, to benefit a corporate wellness programs.

FITpas has opened the ability of Group Memberships for healthcare organizations, health clubs, and corporate wellness programs, to see real time and historical data of associated users. The image below shows an example of the reporting view for Group Memberships.

About FITwave International Technologies
FITwave International Technologies ( was founded to provide solutions for the increasing challenges that are encountered when integrating multi-media fitness entertainment with workout tracking capabilities. FITwave provides a platform of turnkey technology solutions designed to meet the growing product and service needs of health clubs, wellness centers, hotels, spas, corporate fitness facilities, and fitness equipment manufactures.

About Links Modular Solutions
Links Modular Solutions is the leading provider of facility management software in Australia and New Zealand. Our supreme software product portfolio covers all aspects of facility, club and student class management, including membership administration, point of sale (POS), class scheduling, facility bookings, direct debiting, access control, sales and marketing. Each of the modules can be purchased separately or in a package suitable for your business allowing you the flexibility to decide exactly what you need and only purchase the modules that suit your business.

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