FitTrip Takes the Boring Routine Out of the Gym Experience with Immersive HD-Quality Fitness App

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Have you ever found yourself getting bored in the gym? The mundane, monotonous toiling makes it hard to complete a workout, let alone make it a routine. If so, you're not alone: less than 5% of adults in the U.S. participate in the recommended 30 minutes of physical activity per day. FitTrip, a new fitness app by the team at Gusto Technologies, has vowed to flip that statistic on its head, promising to help make your workout the best part of the day.

The free app, which is available on the Apple App Store and online at, allows users to bike the tour of France, hike the majestic mountains of Patagonia, and so much more. The app allows you to bio-interactively experience these treks all from the comfort of home or the gym. Simply select an adventure and you're off running in destinations worthy of a bucket list right from the treadmill! With a wide variety of locations and sports to choose from, you'll never get bored in the gym again. Imagine being able to visit the sandy beaches of Cozumel or the serene canyons of Zion National Park; with FitTrip, you'll be able to complete your bucket list over your lunch hour, all in realistic, HD-quality video, and feel good while doing it.

Put your heart into it and you'll really unleash the power of FitTrip. Connect a compatible heart rate monitor, like the Mio Alpha HR watch by Mio Global, and FitTrip taps into your heartbeat to predict exactly how fast you'd be going if you were there in person. Push yourself harder in the gym, go faster in your trek – it's that easy!

Users can immediately download FitTrip directly from the Apple App Store. And thanks to partner Mio Global, new product Mio GO, powered by FitTrip, optimizes the user's immersive workout experience for use with Mio's line of Alpha and Link heart rate monitors. The app will be bundled with Mio products and available in Apple retail stores, REI, and other great retailers near you.

See FitTrip and Mio GO in action at the CES conference in Las Vegas, NV on January 7-10, 2014. More information about FitTrip is available online at

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