Fitnet Launches All New Fitnet 2.0 with Fitness Trainer Portal

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At the IDEA World Fitness Convention this week, Fitnet, a top rated health and fitness iOS app, which uses a biometric webcam to provide real-time feedback during video exercise, unveiled Fitnet 2.0 which features a dedicated trainer portal at The new trainer interface gives fitness professionals the ability to expand their business through mobile technology, and engage with thousands of clients in 50 states and over 185 countries any time and anywhere. Professional trainers and health coaches can use the new Fitnet platform to add a mobile component to their business, enabling engagement beyond in-person sessions. In addition, the Fitnet global platform provides access for new clients seeking personalized and professional training and coaching from the convenience of a phone or tablet.

The revenue-share modeled fitness professional portal allows trainers to create their own Fitnet profile, easily produce custom video series and invite clients to become active on Fitnet for just $19 per month. From the portal, the trainer can monitor client performance, provide encouragement via messaging and set weekly goals and workout plans.

“The ability to have real-time access to clients’ daily physical activities, workout schedules, goals and scores - even when we’re not present for their workout -enables us to build closer, more intimate and better integrated fitness plans for each client,” said Laurie Maddox, certified fitness professional and founding Fitnet trainer. “Furthermore, it gives us the opportunity to expand our businesses across the country instead of solely in one city or region.”

The Fitnet 2.0 iOS application has been refreshed to offer fitness coaching subscriptions, personal weekly goal planning and a fitness wearable component. In addition, the application allows the trainer and client to communicate one-on-one via Fitnet messaging – enhancing personalization and motivation. Furthermore, Fitnet has made it even easier for any fitness professional to create content on the Fitnet application through proprietary technology that streamlines creating and uploading video exercises.

“We are very excited to offer this unique business model in Fitnet 2.0 and give trainers the opportunity to extend and enhance their respective brands through mobile without investing in an app themselves,” said founder and chief geek Bob Summers. “This technology really puts the trainers in their clients’ pockets, and increases client accountability to individual fitness goals.”

Fitnet’s fitness geeks will be available during IDEA World Expo in booth 1245 for test drives of the trainer portal and exclusive demonstrations of Fitnet 2.0. For more information visit

About Fitnet
Launched in 2014, Fitnet delivers a personal fitness experience to mobile combining biometric sensors, fitness coaching and online workout buddies. Its unique technological approach converts a mobile webcam into a biometric sensor capable of scoring an individual while they work out with a human trainer.  The Fitnet application is used in over 190 countries and its clients have collectively burned over 3 million calories since the launch on January 1, 2014. For more information, visit or follow @fitnethealth on Twitter.

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