Fitness Start-Up Launches Crowdfunding for All-In-One Portable Product

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Fit-In Fitness, LLC, a fitness equipment manufacturer and lifestyle brand, launches a crowdfunding campaign to bring its innovative new fitness product to market at Fit-In Fitness is accepting contributions to various rewards (including the product) and plans to use the funds to bring its innovative product, the Fit-In Fitness Portable Trainer, to the marketplace.

Providing a full body workout, the Fit-In Fitness Portable Trainer is the first fitness product to combine an aerobic step, rocker board, and a wobble board into one compact unit with a storage compartment for smaller fitness equipment and accessories. The product engages core muscles while simultaneously training the rest of the body and includes innovative features to use resistance bands more effectively. Strategically placed notches allow multiple resistance bands to be placed in different locations at the same time to incorporate circuit and high-intensity interval training into a workout.

“I was disappointed with a lot of portable products on the market and I wanted to create a product versatile enough that it would be useful to personal trainers, fitness centers, and in-home training,” stated Jason Richard, inventor and founder of Fit-In Fitness, LLC. “Aside from step and balance training, it can also be used for weighted-movement and core-rotation training but the other part of our goal is to spread the brand message to live an active lifestyle and help alter the course our country’s fitness levels are headed.”

Crowdfunding is the best way to bring the Fit-In Fitness brand and Fit-In Fitness Portable Trainer to market. This process allows Fit-In Fitness, LLC to assess demand, reward backers with a discounted price, and get the product to its earliest supporters first.

The crowdfunding campaign is running for a very limited time. Please visit to learn more and contribute to the Fit-In Fitness Portable Trainer.

About Fit-In Fitness, LLC

Fit-In Fitness’ mission is simple: to help people live an active lifestyle. With a straight-forward approach, Fit-In Fitness aims to be the symbol for motivation and encouragement of fitness activity while manufacturing a versatile product that physically represents the Fit-In Fitness spirit.

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