Differentiate your club by giving your clients the best possible service. Show them what they are made of. Booth No. 1234 will feature Tanita, a world leader in body composition monitors. Provide your clients with a unique insight into their physiques with a Tanita bioelectric impedance analysis. Featured products include the new BC-1000. This ANT +wireless monitor links body composition data to remote devices (like PCs, Apple products and Garmin watches) for long-term tracking while providing a level of privacy. Also featured is the new SC-331S body composition analyzer. With new FDA-cleared body fat ranges for children and other enhancements, it provides more detailed analysis than previous Tanita professional-grade analyzers. Finally, the BC-418 segmental body composition analyzer and WB-3000 digital beam scale are great club additions. All Tanita monitors are FDA cleared to ensure the highest quality and most accurate products on the market.

About Tanita: Tanita is a world leader in body composition and weight measurement. Our reputation for quality has made Tanita the standard that other scales and body fat monitors are weighed against.

Booth No. 1234