Chuze Fitness Sets Record as First to Offer Seven HydroMassage Beds

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Chuze Fitness in Garden Grove, CA has the designation as the first fitness club worldwide to have seven HydroMassage® beds.

The newest Chuze club, Garden Grove opened their doors in October with four HydroMassage® beds. However, high demand from new members required fifth and sixth units to be added shortly thereafter, and an additional (seventh) bed was shipped in December.

Cory Brightwell, Chuze Fitness co-owner noted, “The response we’re seeing in our newest location is pretty amazing, even for us. And I say that because we have 3-4 beds in all 12 of our clubs, so HydroMassage® isn’t new for us. But we definitely haven’t seen member demand like this in the past.”

Chuze Fitness was one of the first fitness club companies to fully embrace HydroMassage® beds as a tool to drive upgrades to premium level memberships.

And while it’s no longer uncommon to walk into a gym with two, three, or four units, Chuze was the first to surpass the six unit hurdle.

“Talking to other owners, I know HydroMassage® is more popular now than when we began using them,” commented Brightwell. “But we keep raising the bar because member awareness is much higher than we’ve ever seen. People love them, and they’re perfect for our Premium Membership.”

Paul Lunter, HydroMassage President added, “I’m not at all surprised that Chuze was the first to offer seven beds. They’ve always been at the forefront in regards to HydroMassage® adoption. Plus, they’ve been absolutely first class to work with over the years, and I know they do things the right way when it comes to building and operating high-quality clubs. I’m really pleased to see them doing well.”

About HydroMassage®:

For over 24 years, HydroMassage® beds have been trusted by doctors and industry leaders to provide a convenient way to enjoy the benefits of massage therapy every day, without the hassles of hiring or managing a therapist. Members get one 5-15 minute massage per day, and most clubs include HydroMassage® in premium memberships or charge an additional $10-$20 per month for monthly packages. Clubs with the best adoption rates typically set-up HydroMassage Zones™; which include two or more beds in a semi-private room with spa décor. For information, visit or call 1-800-699-1008.

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Apr 21, 2014

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