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5 Weeks to Personal Training Success
This manual is for Fitness/Program Directors and their Personal Training Staff. The manual is divided into two sections. The first section is for the Fitness/Program Director and the second section is for the Personal Training Staff. The Fitness/Program Director will learn how to train their staff for high performance, set goals and exceed goals.
5 Weeks to Sales Success!
You will learn to train your sales team in 5 weeks, manage your sales team for high performance, create a partnership between the front desk and membership, become a prospecting master, turn calls into appointments, make successful face to face sales, track your club's sales efficiency and progress, stay motivated to love sales, practice your newly acquired skills for sizzling sales successes!
ACE's Guide to Exercise Testing & Program DesignACE's Guide to Exercise Testing and Program Design: A Fitness Professional's Handbook

ACE's Guide to Exercise Testing and Program Design: A Fitness Professional's Handbook presents an in-depth, easy-to-understand and -apply guide to developing exercise programs. This inclusive and well-illustrated text details prescription parameters for every basic component of fitness, as well as reviews the essential program considerations for individuals with unique (special) needs.

Core Assessment and Training
Our understanding of the importance of core health for injury prevention, athletic performance, and rehabilitation grows each day. Make sure you can offer your clients safe and effective programs with Core Assessment and Training. In this book, you will learn to assess each client’s baseline core function and develop an individualized program to meet his or her needs.
Creating Membership Magnetism
You will learn how to create magnetism for the Members from a professional perspective as well as increase the magnetism in your life personally.
Delavier's Stretching Anatomy
Delavier’s Stretching Anatomy is your guide for increasing flexibility, improving range of motion, toning muscles, and relieving pain and discomfort. The very best stretches for shoulders, chest, arms, torso, back, hips, and legs are all here, and all in the stunning detail that only Frédéric Delavier can provide.
Internet Marketing for Health & Fitness ClubsInternet Marketing for Health & Fitness Clubs
Whether you own or operate a health club, fitness center, personal training studio or wellness facility, YOU NEED CUSTOMERS & MEMBERS!
NSCA's Guide to Sport and Exercise Nutrition
NSCA’s Guide to Sport and Exercise Nutrition provides valuable information and guidelines that address the nutrition needs for the broad range of clientele serviced by strength and conditioning professionals, personal trainers, and sport dietitians. Whether you work with fitness enthusiasts or competitive athletes, this resource will lead you through the key concepts of sport and exercise nutrition so that you can assess an individual’s nutrition status and—if it falls within your scope of practice—develop customized nutrition plans. Developed by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) and subjected to an intensive peer-review process, this authoritative resource offers the latest research and literature review from respected scientists and practitioners with expertise in nutrition, exercise, and sport performance.
Selling Fitness: The complete guide to selling health club membershipsSelling Fitness: The complete guide to selling health club memberships
This 206-page book takes the reader step-by-step through the process of selling health club memberships.
Selling Personal Training: The complete guide to selling personal trainingSelling Personal Training: The complete guide to selling personal training
This 200-page, twelve chapter book helps personal trainers increase their sales by teaching them the 5 steps to selling PT: prospecting, how to establish rapport, qualifying, product presentation and how to ask for the sale.
Strength Training Anatomy-3rd Edition
Over 1 million copies sold! With new exercises, additional stretches, and more of Frédéric Delavier’s signature illustrations, you’ll gain a whole new understanding of how muscles perform during strength exercises. This one-of-a-kind best-seller combines the visual detail of top anatomy texts with the best of strength training advice.
Successful Programs for Fitness and Health Clubs:101 Profit Ideas
In today’s world, a club needs to offer more than state-of-the-art equipment and certified fitness instructors to recruit and retain members. You need something that will appeal to your members and keep them coming back. In Successful Programs for Fitness and Health Clubs: 101 Profitable Ideas, you will learn how to utilize programming to meet your strategic and financial goals. Written by internationally-respected programming consultant Sandy Coffman, this book will teach you exactly what programming is and how to make it work for you.
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