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in Behind the Scenes Aug 05, 2010

Time to Clean Up Our Act

I'm a fan of The New York Times, so I've been watching with interest this week as this story published on Monday about getting skin infections from....More
in Behind the Scenes Jul 28, 2010

Fun Alert: Richard Simmons is Coming to Club Industry!

I talked to Richard Simmons yesterday for our Club Industry show preview in the September issue. What an amazing man! At age 62, he is still....More
in Behind the Scenes Jul 14, 2010

A Touch of Cute for the Military

When most people think of the U.S. military, the word "cute" doesn't often come to mind. That's why I had to share this super cute photo essay from....More
in Behind the Scenes Jun 17, 2010

Commitment to Exercise

This photo I ran across recently reminds me of how creative U.S. troops are getting with fitness in the field. Last year, I did a story about....More
in Behind the Scenes Jun 02, 2010

Loan or Perk?

These reports about an alleged blackmailing scheme at the University of Kansas related to loaned fitness equipment to KU athletic director Lew....More
in Behind the Scenes May 28, 2010

Recipe for Success

Does your club have a unique design element that you'd like to show off to Club Industry readers? If so, drop me a line at
in Behind the Scenes May 07, 2010

Just Say No To Bullies

A recent study found that obese kids are more likely to be bullied than thin kids, regardless of their gender, race, socioeconomic status, social....More
in Behind the Scenes Apr 21, 2010

State of Confusion

It's no wonder that so many non-gym goers are confused about the effects regular exercise has on their bodies. In reading this New York Times article....More
in Behind the Scenes Apr 08, 2010

It's Best of the Best Time Again

For all you club owners out there who think your club is the best, now is your time to prove it. Entries for the Club Industry Best of the Best....More
in Behind the Scenes Mar 30, 2010

Yogi Oki Doki

I got a press release from the mommy blog site Mom Logic that poked fun at this yoga instruction video for kids by Yogi Oki Doki. Granted, he's an....More