Who Is That Masked Man?

chuck_headshot.jpg captain_running_man.jpgHave you ever seen Anytime Fitness CEO Chuck Runyon and the company's official mascot, Captain Running Man, in the same place at the same time? Check out these photos, and see for yourself.

I had a little fun with Anytime's main PR person, Mark Daly, about this recently. To his credit, Daly did say that Runyon has appeared with Captain Running Man several times, since there are several costumed superheroes running around at Anytime clubs across the country.

But when I first asked Daly if Runyon was in fact Captain Running Man, he replied, "Top secret."

By the way, just this morning, I saw Anytime's recent Coalition of Angry Kids campaign ad in a TV commercial. Check out our recent story about this.

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