They were here to pump us up

Have you ever had one of those workouts where you leave already knowing that you're going to be really, really sore tomorrow? That was me this morning. I attended the 6:30 am Les Mills BodyPump class, and, boy, did it kick my you-know-what. Although my legs were burning and my arms were about to fall off (seriously, as I'm typing my arms are fatigued, and it's not like I'm a deconditioned person by any means), I thoroughly enjoyed the class, especially its music and energy. The insturctors were great (we even had the chance to meet one of them, Emma, at the Les Mills reception last night), and it was pretty amazing to see more than 100 fitness professionals grunting and sweating. It's quite the way to start a day.

I'm now embarking on my journey across town to visit the JCC of San Francisco. Wish me luck navigating the city streets! I'll write more on my visit later. --Jennipher

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