Take a Walk Down Memory Lane

The opening reception at the Club Industry show is always a high point for me. You get to catch up with those in the industry, meet new people in the industry, mingle, eat and listen to music. And, you can relax with a glass of wine or a bottle of beer. Good company, tasty food and drinks? You had me at hello.

While each year I enjoy this event, this year's opening reception is even better. It will be the official kickoff of Club Industry's Fitness Business Pro's 25th anniversary, and to celebrate, we'll all be taking a trip down memory lane. The magazine's staff has been digging up old photos of people in the industry as well as some of our first magazine covers. And, believe me, some of the photos are quite, ahem, dated. Leotards and big hair, anyone? During the reception, you can see these photos and covers for yourself in a digital slideshow that we've been putting together. Don't miss it!

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