Synergy Between Medical and Fitness


I started off my day yesterday with a great session offered by Wendy Williamson of Genesis Health Clubs, and Matthew Contino of Sleepy Hollow Physical Therapy. They discussed how to create synergy between medical and fitness professionals, a topic that is of great interest to people in the industry, and that was reflected in the attendance at this session, where there were about 120 people.

Wendy and Matthew stressed that as Medicare and other insurance providers continue to cut how long people can get their physical therapy covered, more people are being released from rehab to go back out into the world, even though they may not be 100 percent. That has created a huge need that fitness professionals should be filling. To fill that need, however, these fitness professionals need the education and certifications to make the medical community comfortable with sending their patients to them. To make them more comfortable, fitness professionals need to learn to network with medical professionals and communicate professionally and clearly with them before, during and after contact with their patients. A lot of the people in the room seemed very interested in moving their careers in this direction, and the session seemed to give some concrete advice on how to do that. --Pam

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